Today is the birthday of talented creative Man

Rakib Babu

Rakib Babu is a fashion designer, stylish and choreographer. Today is the birthday of this talented creative man. First of all, I wish him a very happy birthday. Humble people are hardly like him. He always has a sweet smile on his face, he speaks nicely to everyone as if he is spreading a sweetness.

When I first asked how are you? What are you so busy with, he replied with a laugh that time we are passing, are we really good? Even after that, I will say that I am fine, Allah has saved me, I am happy about it and there is nothing to say about being busy. will say later that I am fine, Allah has saved me, I am happy and busy in this, I am doing very little work, photo shoot, less office and what else is loose. Birthday means a special day or some planning. I haven’t celebrated like that for years. Enjoys spending time with family.

Last year also on this day my mother was with me in Dhaka. But this time I miss her very much. She is in Rajshahi. I miss my family, friends and everyone comes to see me at least once but this time it is not possible.Calling, sending SMS, wishing on Facebook. It’s hard not to meet anyone.

Rakib Babu stylish and choreographer

Talking about work, Eid is ahead again? In fact, very little work is happening as we think. A fear also works in the mind. Our photoshoots and fashion shows are all closed somehow. I am also doing a few photoshoots, but I hope God will fix everything, I will return to work with full speed. What if you finally said something for your readers? I will say one thing, everyone should be a little careful and pray for me. I wish Rakib Babu to return to his previous busy days

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