Go Pantone this season with Verse

This year the pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue, simple yet elegant. Similar to the colour of the sky at dusk, Classic Blue is also restful and tranquil. This enduring tone of blue highlights the aspiration for a dependability and stability. The color is just like the evening sky, the reassuring qualities of Classic Blue offer the promise of protection; highlighting the yearning for a reliable and stable foundation. It is a shade that exemplifies timelessness and simplicity. Blue is a colour liked by both men and women.  History has it that the popularity of this particular shade may take root in our evolutionary development. Blue is one of the three primary colours. Classic blue beautifully amalgamates with the warm tones of the Indian skin.

People have grown conscious about their choices and it’s all about experimentation.  It was earlier believed that Blue is the colour for men but little did we know that it is considered as a colour of Women Empowerment in certain areas of Rajasthan. Blue is a delicate yet deep rooted colour hence it symbolizes the peace and calmness of a mind making it an ideal  choice. We can expect a lot of blue in the coming year. The colour is certainly regal, restrained and boundless. However, it can also be edgy, since the shade comes in a variety of tonalities and variations. A few celebrities from Bollywood have donned the colour like a boss. The tinsel town diva Kareena Kapoor Khan slays in the colour like a boss. Doing justice to the shade the actress had shared a picture recently where she was seen in a slit cut blue dress with sequins detailing. Even without any accessories on, I believe no one could have done it any better.

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