Bibi Russell will join the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange

Bangladeshi fashion designer and former international model Bibi Russell will participate in the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange this month.

The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange with unite all 52 Commonwealth countries to create “a one-of-a-kind sustainable outfit” that will be unveiled during London Fashion Week on February 19 at Buckingham Palace.

According to the Mirror, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and the Countess of Wessex Sophie will host the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange Reception at the Buckingham palace, held during London Fashion Week which will take place from February 16 and 20.

Thirty-one designers will showcase their work, including Bangladesh’s Bibi Russell, New Zealand’s Karen Walker, and Stella McCartney and Burberry from United Kingdom, along with 26 artisans including Euphemia Sydney Davies from Sierra Leone, whose line Sydney-Davies has her collaborating with a master weaver from Ghana.

According to the Telegraph, a spokesman from Buckingham Palace said: “The initiative uses fashion as a common language and platform to help people understand the modern Commonwealth in a different way.”

He further added the reception at Buckingham Palace would showcase the best of Commonwealth contemporary fashion and creativity with an exhibition of some of the bespoke fashion ‘looks’ which are the result of these exchanges. Bibi Russell is a Bangladeshi fashion designer and former international model. She has been involved in reviving Bangladeshi textiles and handicrafts industry. She did many exhibitions around the world and introduced Bangladeshi textiles and handicrafts

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