A world of luxury interior and Furniture brand in Bangladesh – Green Furniture

by Razib Chakrabarty

You will see many beautiful iconic pieces of luxury modern furniture and interior design – they can be found in many high-end homes today but you will never know who makes them or where to buy them. In Bangladesh, as we are connected with modern world we can manage some global designs from abroad with high prize. On the other hand, Green Furniture is the only brand that can provide global standard materials and unique design which are made in Bangladesh with reasonable price.

A King’s palace fragments of imagination willed into solid reality by the ambition of Kawsar Chowdhury, Green Furniture, on Dhaka’s Pragati Sarani, is the definition of atypical. Expanding the capabilities of a mere furniture store, this is where art is juxtaposed with décor to create stunning masterpieces that can transform any single space into a vivid dream! 

Mr. Kawsar Chowdhury is the founder and chief designer of Green Furniture. He is one of the few luxury interior and furniture designers who has become an icon in this sector, not only for his incredible aesthetic global design but also for the brand he has created. He has started his creative work with a wide range of decorative cabinets with extra care to minute details, sofas made from Italian leather that are naturally dyed, regal to look at and comfortable to sink into, stunning ceiling designs, beds, tables and everything in between. The furniture store is, therefore, fit to have a whole house, corporate space or even just a single room designed and furnished to your definition of perfection.

Gradually Green Furniture has grown up into creative Interior solution and Furniture product services. Their services are including 2D & 3D printed wall paneling, wooden floor, ceiling, glass printing, wet and dry kitchen cabinet, table top and so on. Overall the company is expanded by offering a complete lifestyle in interior space and luxury furniture collections.

Whether it’s the dream-like paintings by icons like Dali and van Gogh, monarchs influencing antiques distinctive to French art and furniture styles, modern and exotic collections of luxury fashion houses or simply an everyday conversation over dinner, the thoughts sparking Green Furniture’s designs are truly endless!

Mr. Chowdhruy’s furniture design reflects a contemporary mood with classic value. He has overall 15 years experience of research and development in technical and industrial furniture and interior design. He participated in different training session in throughout the world especially Germany and Italy. He has strong collaboration with some renowned foreign architects. He also enriches his creative design knowledge from different seminar of luxury furniture fashion show.

Green Furniture has several latest European technology based equipments which is 1st time in Bangladesh for creating exclusive finished materials which is of international standard and can fulfill complete lifestyle demand. 

Green Furniture has recently completed some corporate projects such as Sikder House, Sikder Villa, Le Meridian, Hotel Sonergoan, BAFA, Long Beach Hotel, Grace 21, Multiple VIP Hall and so on.

Mr. Kawsar Chowdhury said, “My aim is to design unique products that is something new, lucrative, and top notch with a variety of style categories. Innovation is in our DNA. We will never sell the same pieces to two different customers.”

“We use FSC certified materials for our products. With an FSC certification, materials are guaranteed to have been sourced responsibly, making them eco-friendly. We also have been experimenting with more and more manufactured wood like MDF so we can use lesser amounts of real wood,” explains Mr. Chowdhury.

Green Furniture boasts a first impression of contemporary designs with a classical twist and every furniture piece ensures it lives up to the expectations built by Chowdhury’s specialization skills and love for innovation. A customer at Green Furniture will not inquire about what kinds of chairs and sofas are for sale here. Instead, your curiosity will be piqued by the unique creations on display and you’ll be vying to find out how Kawsar Chowdhury can transform your single space next.

Green Furniture- 01678004256

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenfurnitures/

Photo: Farhan Ahmed

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